Flat Out like a Lizard Drinking

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There is a popular and well-known saying in Australia which is usually invoked when one is exceptionally busy performing some task - that person is usually said to be "flat out like a lizard drinking". Like many other "Australianisms" which I take for granted, I've discovered that I have absolutely no idea of what that phrase actually means except that it is generally applied to people who are working hard doing some particular task, and that it is also generally applied somewhat tongue in cheek... meaning that the hard work being undertaken is not really all that hard after all.

True to the concept of "lizards drinking", Alex and I spent this weekend at Clint and Carol's cottage on Firebrand Island (which we visited a few weeks ago) to help Sean and Kim install a kitchen in the new bunky. After a fairly relaxed start on Saturday morning we arrived at the island that afternoon and set about the business of installing the kitchen units. As you can probably tell from the photos we did eventually get the job done, but we still managed to punctuate the afternoon with a few other fun activities too... a little bit of swimming, a little bit of boating and tubing, and quite a lot of just sitting around on the dock enjoying the sunshine. T'was very nice indeed.

After a delicious dinner on Saturday night, we got to test out the new satellite connection by watching Edmunton thrash Carolina in the Stanley Cup hockey playoffs. The TV worked fine, just in case you were wondering.

Sunday morning dawned hot and sunny, so we managed to spend a bit more time swimming, do a bit more tubing, took the boat out, and even do a little bit more work. We had to deliver a motorised trolley to some of Clint and Carol's neighbours on the far side of the lake... so it was back into the boat and off we went cruising around Lake Muskoka. We delivered the trolley and took the scenic route back home.

Anyway, the most important thing about the weekend was that I got to get a photo of myself with Clint. Thanks again to Clint and Carol, and Kim and Sean for another wonderful weekend of hard labour. It's a tough job, but I suppose somebody has to do it.

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