A Special Guest Appearance

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We had a nice surprise on Friday night, when Heidi dropped in to see us. She happened to be back in Toronto with her work for a few days, and was staying downtown with her brother Perry. However, she was passing by Oakville that evening, so she phoned to ask if we'd mind a visitor. Of course we were thrilled to see her and so she did a flying visit to see us at her/our house.

It must be a very strange sensation to visit people who are living in your house. Heidi had said to us previously that she didn't think she would stop by to see us, as it would just be "too weird". I'm glad she changed her mind though, as it was great to see her, share a few stories and catch up with some of the news of life back in Australia.

I've heard stories from previous exchangees who barely got to have any dealings with their exchange partners at all... They didn't communicate all that much before the exchange and had virtually no contact during it... it was purely a business deal. I'm just so glad that we got to communicate a lot and get to know the Graces in the leadup to our exchange, and we are especially glad that we got to spend a few days together during that crossover period in January when we arrived. To us, this exchange is far more than a convenient business deal for the year. We feel like the Graces are friends as well as partners, and that's why it was so good to see Heidi on Friday night.

Next time you're playing the piano though. ;-)

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