Was that Maple-Baked Ham?

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Living in another country gives you the opportunity first hand to witness the similarities and differences inherent within the two cultures. In regards to having an accent, I know the Canadians have one but personally I don't think I do. In fact I used to be quite certain that I spoke just like they did and that I was easily understood (although I know saying "quick-sticks!" one day to Kate when she was running late drew quite a few bewildered looks from the Canadians in the room).

At least I thought I was easily understood until recently, when the strangest thing happened. And not once, or even twice, but three times now.

Not being one who readily likes to cook, I take any opportunity available to buy take-away food, and what better place to do it than that bastion of healthy take-away food, Mr Sub. Alex and Kate in particular have taken a liking to one particular item on the menu... a Meatball Sub. The trouble is, each time I order one, no one seems to understand what I'm saying! Every time I've ordered one of the aforementioned Meatball Subs, I get asked "was that Maple-Baked Ham?" In one case, a Maple-Baked Ham sub was even made for me before I realised the mistake and I then had to try and explain that somehow there had been a misunderstanding. By the way, in case you are thinking this is an exaggeration, Chris and Alex have both witnessed this phenomon, albeit today I was on my own. This has occurred in two different Mr Sub stores and with three different staff members.

In no other realm have I been as aware of speaking so differently to the locals - perhaps I had been dillusional in thinking that an enthusiastic Aussie could sound Canadian if she tried hard enough. Oh well, it seems that more visits to Mr Sub are obviously needed so as to help with my vowel pronunciation or else we need to quickly gain an appreciation for 'Maple-Baked Ham' subs.

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