Thou shalt not worship false Idols

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From the sublime to the ridiculous...

We've never really followed the whole American Idol phenomenon. Heck, we never really even followed the Australian Idol phenomenon. For whatever reason, we seem to have been rather immune to the public commotion these shows may have caused in the past. I've always thought the whole concept of these "talent" shows was just way too cheesy to take seriously, the performers were way too manufactured, and the only real winners in the whole deal were the telcos who provided the voting infrastructure and raked a few cents off each of the millions of votes being cast.

While all of that is probably still true, we somehow managed to get swept up the the whole Idol thing this year (yeah thanks Kim!) and Donna became a keen fan of the show. So tonight, being the final episode, we went round to Kim & Sean's place for a... wait for it... Idol Party. Yes, we all sat around, had some munchies and a few red wines and watched the final show - the whole two hours of it - while waiting for the winners to be announced. Actually, it was a fun night, but I still reckon you have to wonder about a country that casts more votes for a pop star than a President...

Oh yeah, and Taylor won. Go the Soul Patrol!!! Ooh, did I say that?

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