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I was just browsing the SiteMeter statistics for this blog (available by clicking the Sitemeter button on the right, if you're interested) and I am a bit perplexed by what's going on at the moment.

There are currently 13 people logged onto the site, from all over the place... mostly the USA, but also Canada and Poland (?) I know 13 people is hardly an earth shattering number of visitors, but it's a lot for this site, which normally only gets hits from Canada and Australia, and most of them from people we know. I'm curious why there is a sudden spike of "other" visitors.

Looking back through the logs for the past 100 or so visits, I'm seeing a large number of hits from all over the USA and Europe, mostly referred here from other Blogger sites. While I'm more than happy to have some traffic (hi everyone!), I'm really curious as to the reasons. Unfortunately I can't work out the cause of the spike just from looking at the stats...

So, if some of you good folk who are looking at this site wouldn't mind dropping me a brief email to let me know what caused you to visit here, I'd really appreciate it. Just to satisfy my own curiousity.

And thanks for dropping in! Feel free to look around or drop us a line.

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