A Tale of Two Fridays

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I know that it’s almost a week and a half late, but here is another blog entry. Not last Friday but the Friday before that, I went to the “Surprise” birthday party for my friend Jon. It wasn’t really a surprise party because he knew about it from the beginning and in fact helped set it up. It was more of a joint party because it was also celebrating delivering 2 million newspapers (Jon’s family owns a newspaper delivery business). Anyway, I went on Friday night and after the initial yelling ‘SURPRISE’ thing it settled down a bit and we got to watch a movie. I got to know some of Jon’s friends from the cottage, hockey and the neighbourhood. After the movie we had some pizza and cake (Mmm…pizza and cake).

Actually, Jon’s actual birthday was the following Friday, so we left school at lunchtime and went to Harvey’s (the local fast-food establishment) for lunch to celebrate. Surprisingly, that night I bumped into Jon and his friends from the party at the video store. I got invited back to his place for more pizza and to watch another movie. We were going to light a fire in the fire pit in the backyard but we forgot.

Also, Happy Mothers Day to any one out there who is a mother, is an expectant mother, was a mother, wishes they were a mother, can’t be a mother, or anyone who just wants an excuse to celebrate.

P.S. next time I’ll try to write a blog entry under a week from when it happens.

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