Who wants to be a Millionaire?

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I do. How could you not want to be a millionaire after seeing some of the amazing summer homes and boathouses which line the shores of Squirrel Island and Tondern Island in Lake Muskoka? On Sunday we enjoyed a fun boat ride out to Millionaire’s Row to see some of these stately homes by the water. Apparently many of these homes were built by the magnates and captains of industry from the Pittsburgh area around the turn of the century, as a place to escape from the noise, smog and hustle bustle of the big city... Just a place to relax, do a bit of fishing and put the feet up. Of course, there are lots of other nice places on the Lake, like that place in the photo above built on it's very own island. Or what about that boatshed in the last photo?

These days, Lake Muskoka (and also the adjoining Lake Rosseau and Lake Joseph) hosts a lot of celebrities and sports star's cottages too. People like Goldie Hawn, Stephen Speilberg, Tom Hanks and apparently every hockey player in the NHL have cottages up here. It's the home of the rich and famous, darling!

Oh, and of course, we were there too.

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