Mothers and Daughters

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I would have preferred that Kate and Donna write this post, since the events of this last weekend relate primarily to them, but no amount of arm-twisting, cajoling or threatening could twist their arms, cajole them or threaten them into writing it. So, sorry, but you're stuck with my version of events...

Kate, as I've mentioned before, joined the Guides here in Canada and was very excited about getting to experience life as a Girl Guide here in Canada. She has really enjoyed the chance to get involved in it, and last weekend was the big annual campout to conclude the guiding year. The camp was held at a beautiful property called Blue Springs near Milton. Mothers' Day is a day that most mums like to have their family around, but although the camp was being held the same weekend as Mothers' Day, the camp was planned to finish early on the Sunday, so Donna and Kate effectively got to both have the Mothers' Day cake, and eat it as well.
We picked up Kate's friend Nicole, rounded up Laura, Meggy and Kim, and drove west to drop the girls off at Blue Springs after school on Friday, via a quick stop at the Golden Arches.

They'd been predicting rain all weekend, so Donna was very pleased that it seemed to be holding off, at least until the girls got the tents up. We said goodbye to Kate and headed back to Oakville.

As we picked up some videos at Rogers, we bumped into Alex's friend John, who was celebrating his actual birthday that night with a small get-together, and Alex was invited back to join them. With both kids away, Donna and I had a lazy night sitting in front of the telly watching a chickflick - it WAS Mothers' Day weekend after all, so I couldn't really complain. Saturday night was Sunday Morning in Australia, so of course we rang our mums and nannas back home to wish them a happy MD as well.

On Sunday morning we drove back to Blue Springs to pick up the girls, did a bit of shopping at Giant Tiger (don't ask) then stopped at a nice little Italian restaurant in Acton for a special Mothers' Day lunch.

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