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Just wanted to share a couple of picci's of life here in Jasmine Crescent. Nothing terribly exciting, but I just thought I'd share them.

One is of Kate on her way to school wearing rollerblades. Now the weather has warmed up, we are walking to and from school most days, and because Oakville is quite flat it makes rollerblading an easy option. Fortunately, Kate's foot is the same size as Heidi's, so she's been lucky enough to get to use the ice skates and now the rollerblades.

The other photo is a squirrel sitting in a tree outside our dining room window. Squirrels are so very cute, running across the grass and up and down the trees. They are easy to spot at the moment as the trees are still without their leaves, although that is slowly changing. They are generally about the size of half a cat, long and skinny, close to the ground with a big fluffy tail. I still get excited each time I see one! (and its not just because I am easily impressed!)

The trampoline we set up this week in the backyard has been a huge hit. Its unreal. As you can see by the number of bodies jumping or lying on it, its also quite a draw card for the neighbourhood kids. I haven't yet figured out a way to limit the use to one person at a time! I'll have to work on that, or hope the public liability insurance here is up to date. :-)

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