The Quiet Life

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Things have been a bit quiet here lately.

Or maybe we just haven't been doing much of the sort of stuff worth blogging about. School is busy, I'm feeling like I'm in the swing of things now, and midterms are fast approaching so there is lots of marking and assessment to think about. Donna has been getting quite a bit of work at a private school here in Oakville called Kings College (nothing at all like the Kings College in Sydney!) She is still waiting for her approval to teach in the catholic system here... it has been an exceptionally long drawn out process and might make an interesting blog post one day. Maybe one day once we've left the country! :-)

The kids have made lots of friends and often have their mates over after school, or go around to their houses. The after-school playdate is pretty common here. Both Alex and Kate seem to be doing well in school and enjoying it too, so that's the main thing. Kate went on a school field trip to the Science Museum on Toronto, and Alex has had friends over working on computer games, er, I mean, school assignments.

We've had a few quiet weekends at home, just recovering from our first few months here, when it sometimes seemed that we were trying to do everything Canadian in the first few weeks (or so our Canadian friends seemed to think). It's been nice to relax a bit, spend some time at home, get a chance to chill out a bit, but we don't want to waste our time here either. With spring having sprung, we rigged the trampoline in the back yard and the kids have been enjoying a bounce or three. We've been out playing road hockey with the locals, we've got the bikes out and have been riding a bit, so life is good.

We had planned to visit St Jacob's markets today but Donna's a bit crook at the moment so we shelved that idea. I took the kids to the movies down in Oakville instead so Dons could have a rest. We'll do St Jacob's another time... it's a fresh fruit and vegie market run by the Mennonite folk down near Kitchener.

It's Easter next weekend and we're planning on going to Chicago to see my friend Janet, who I worked with a few years back when we did the Virtual Classroom Contest together. We're also planning our summer break, playing travel agent on the web and scouring through tons of websites for accomodation deals, as well as planning for visits from Gary's family and the Robs, who are both coming over to see us later in the year...

Hmmm, maybe things aren't that quiet here after all!

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