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Most people who know me know that I enjoy playing with technology stuff. I admit it, it's true... and I've been keen to have a go at podcasting for a while, especially now that I've finally figured out all the technical stuff for it.

Did I hear you say "what's a podcast?"... A podcast is a form of audio recording - a bit like a radio show or an audio diary - which is saved into a format that can be broadcast over the web. It's common to then download and listen to these recordings using a portable audio player such as an iPod, (hence the name Podcasting) but you can just listen online as well. Basically, I'm interested in trying to do a couple of diary-style blog entires that would be best done using audio recording rather than just words.

The audio recording part is easy enough to do. Trouble is, I'm a bit stuck for an idea... what would make a good subject for an audio podcast? So I'm throwing it open to you. If I were to do a couple of podcasts from Canada, (and I'm thinking specifically about topics that would be enhanced by the use of audio) what would make an interesting topic?

There seems to be quite a few people who read this blog these days, so I'm keen to hear some suggestions! Drop me an email to podcast@betcher.org and let me know what you reckon!

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