Dave's not here, man!

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If you're old enough, you might remember a famous Cheech and Chong sketch called Dave's Not Here. I think of it every time the phone rings in the afternoon or evening, because a large number of calls we get are from telemarketers trying to sell stuff, and I think of that sketch each time they call and I get to say "Dave's not here!"

The point is that I've never had so many darn telemarketing calls as what we get living here. I thought the telemarketers in Australia were bad, but they've got nothing on Canadians! They peddle new rooves, new windows and doors, holiday and timeshare accomodation, new alarm systems, new flooring... the list goes on. I kid you not, we would get at least a couple of these calls a day.

The neat thing is that as soon as they ask to speak to Dave or Heidi, we just say "Sorry mate, they've moved to Australia and won't be back for a year", then the caller has absolutely no interest in talking to us since we aren't the home owner. It's a great way to get rid of telemarketers quickly and easily! Dave's not here, man!
It's something I plan to remember for when we get back home. "Oh sorry eh. Chris and Donna have moved to Canada and won't be back for a year".

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