Willkommen zu Oktoberfest

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You may know that Oktoberfest is a world famous Bavarian cultural festival held in Munich, Germany each year with plenty of beer, music and dancing. But did you know that Kitchener Ontario is actually the host of the second largest Oktoberfest in the world outside of Munich? Ja meine Freunde, es ist zutreffend.

Sharilou's family has a German heritage and they have always been big fans of the Kitchener Oktoberfest, so they were very excited about getting us down there to join in the celebrations. The local German clubs, such as the Concordia Club, host a huge party where they erect an enormous tent and fill it with lots of tables for drinking, a big dancefloor for dancing, and a genuine oom-pa-pa band for music. We had a great time there, having a few beers, dancing to a few polkas, and taking in the whole Gemutlichkeit.

The whole Zister clan joined us for the day and it was good to see them all again after the weekend we spent together at their cottage a few weeks ago. They are such a nice family, and we are very thankful for them including us in their Oktoberfest.

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