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Seems there's never a dull moment in the Betcher family.

Back in Australia we always seemed to be rushing about getting involved in anything and everything. Meetings, sports, committees, music, work, etc... One of the nice things that we experienced during the first half of our exchange was that we were freed up from all these (over)committments. But it's now the second half of the year, and it seems that we really are all just compulsive "doers"...

Just thought I would share what we're all up to at the moment...

Since Donna is leading the pack in terms of conscientiousness, I'll start with her... She has officially taken another year off from her teaching job back in Australia, and is looking to try her hand at a career in real estate. To assist with that goal, she's just enrolled in a real estate certificate course at TAFE and is doing it by correspondence... She's halfway through her first assignment already. In addition to that, she has been picking up some part-time work, first at the local chicken emporium, Swiss Chalet, and then she moved to the local pub across the road, the Niblick, where she's waitressing three nights a week until quite late. Of course, to continue with that job she is also has to complete a five hour online SafeServe course in responsible service of alcohol. On the days where she's not working at the Niblick she still does the occasional bit of casual teaching at Kings School, just in case she's not busy enough. Throw in a couple of days a month doing her volunteer work, which I can't publicly tell you about because of a non-disclosure arrangement to protect the privacy of the place she's working for. And that's just the work stuff. She's also in training for a half marathon to raise funds for charity, and in her spare time she manages to run the household. Bet you never knew I was married to Superwoman. Measured against the Dons, the rest of us pale into insignificance a bit.

I'm back at school now and teaching three different classes, which means three lots of preparation. Not really a big deal I guess, but more work than I needed to do last semester. I've also enrolled in a novel writing course every Wednesday night for 3 hours, and there's actually a lot of reading and writing I need to do for that. I've also joined a gym and I try to get there at least every second day. I've also started a couple of other blogs to try and expand my writing a bit, and I've also just started planning a major ongoing podcast project with a group of Australian and Canadian teachers. So, not as busy as the Dons, and perhaps a more self-indulgent kind of busy, but still busy enough.

Kate and Alex are also back at school now too. Kate is all excited because she got accepted into the extension program at school, and she also starts back at Girl Guides this week. Alex just started high school and is also getting involved in local Venturers group (the teenage version of the Scouts) and spent tonight at a planning meeting for a camp in a few weekends time.

It seems we just can't help ourselves.

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