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I think the last week or so has been the longest I've gone without blogging. Well, actually I've been blogging quite a lot, but not on this particular blog. I surprised myself the other day when I mentioned to someone that I was writing in multiple blogs, and they asked how many. The answer, after I stopped to think about it, was six. So, while I've actually been blogging quite a lot lately, this is the longest that I've gone without writing on this one.

Anyway, things have been pretty busy this last week here in Oakville. Alex went off to a camp last weekend with a local scout group he's joined up with. He's been in scouts since he was old enough to join as a Joey, then went through Cubs, then Scouts, and is now in Venturers. As one of the older kids, he helped run the activities for the younger ones at the camp, which was in fact much bigger than he anticipated. It was like a Region Camp, and there were about 800 other kids there. I've asked him to write a blog post about it, but don't hold your breath.

Speaking of Alex, he started high school last month at Trinity, where I'm working. I try to stay out of his way because, you know when you're 14, hanging with your dad is not too cool. Still, from the few things I hear from some of the other kids, Alex is fitting in and doing quite well at school. I had one of the school guidance councellors come see me yesterday to say they want to test him for giftedness, so it seems he just can't hide his brains.

Donna is enjoying her new job at the Niblick, and is starting to get the hang of how the system works. She has been having a few issues with her old "war injury", the weak ankle that had plagued her since she was a teenager. It's strange that if she just walks a lot it's fine, and in fact she's been training to do a half-marathon walk with Kim and some of the other girls. But if she walks around a lot, stopping, starting, twisting, turning - just like one would do if dashing around a busy restaurant - then she can barely walk on it the next morning. She's finally, after all these years, getting some physio work done on it and it's showing rapid improvement.

We are into week 4 of the school semester now, and my three classes are well underway. As usual, I'm trying some new things in the classroom and I'm pretty happy with the way some of it is going, and less happy with some of the other stuff. It seems that whenever I try to teach in a traditional, conservative way it all just falls apart. I think there is a lesson in that somewhere.

We managed to catch a Skype call from our friends Kevin and Gail back in Australia. Kevin and Gail were touring through parts of Canada and the US recently and we had hoped to be able to meet up and see each other, but the timing wasn't quite right. We had just begun our travels out East, and because we had some of the hotels booked in advance we couldn't rearrange our schedule to catch up with them. Still they had a great time, and even took a drive up to Oakville just to see the area in which we are living. We even got a mention in their blog.

Anyway, that'll do for now. There's more to say, but it'll have to wait till next time.

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