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Wow, I can't believe I have left it for a few days without writing anything on this blog. Well, I'm not surprised that I haven't done it - we've been busy with all the mundane stuff like school and work, which, to be brutally honest, I wouldn't have thought was all that interesting to write about.

What did surprise me though is that I actually got a few emails from people saying "Hey it's been a few days and no updates... what's going on?" So here I am trying to think of something to write. ;-)

Speaking of connections with other people, I got a few other emails in the last few days, from some surprising places. One from Jenni, another Australian exchange teacher whom I met in Quebec and who happened to stumble across this blog. Another from Erin in Sydney, a teacher who is looking at doing an exchange to Toronto next year, and who also just found the site. And finally I got one from Melissa, and old friend I haven't seen in quite a few years, now living in London with her new hubby Neil, and who also stumbled across this blog. I'm endlessly amazed at the connections this medium can make.

But how's this for a coincidence...

When I was back in Australia researching for this exchange I sent an email to a real estate agent that I randomly picked from the Internet yellow pages. Prior to arriving in Oakville, I had no idea about the locality of the area, where it was in relation to other things, whether it was a good area, and so on. So I sent this random email to this random real estate agent who very nicely replied and gave me the information I was after. To be perfectly honest, this recommendation from a perfect stranger actually played a key role in us biting the bullet and ending up here in Oakville, despite the fact that she wasn't actually from Oakville, but a city about 30 minutes away.

So anyway, I started a night class tonight at Sheridan College. I figured I would like to do some study while I'm here so I enrolled in a 14 week course in - don't laugh - writing a novel. The course was great and I'm looking forward to the next few weeks. But here's the kicker... as I was walking out of the college tonight I was chatting with another lady doing the class, and mentioned that I was an exchange teacher, from Australia, yaddah, yaddah. When I asked her what she did for a living, she said she was a real estate agent. Can you guess the rest?

That's right. It was the same lady. In an urban area of over 4 million people, the person I randomly send an email to one year ago turns out to be in the same night class as me.

The odds against this sort of thing must be staggering. But it still happens.

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