Life at the Chateau

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The Chateau Beauvallon The main accomodation block
Our table by the fire Kids Corner
The Jacuzzi courtyard by night Kim, Donna & Alex
Kate and Laura in the pool Hot spa, cold snow!
Departure Time! Kate after her spa... lady of leisure!

When the Smiths invited us to join them for a trip to Tremblant we decided to book into the same places they did, and their choice of accomodation was excellent! We spent the first night at an absolutely charming place called Chateau Beauvallon. It was a very cosy place to stay, very european, very quaint, very charming.

The photos don't really do it justice, as the place had a really pleasant feel, a certain ambiance as the French would say. And the French say rather a lot around here, since the provence of Quebec is entirely French-speaking. The menus, signs and notices are all in French, the staff speak to you in French (although most are comfortably bi-lingual forunately... continually having to ask Parlez-vous Anglais? can become embarrasing after a while!) The Gallic influence of the local Quebecois probably played a large part in the charm of the place. We had a few drinks by the fireplace, and then, because the dining room was booked out, we managed to also have our dinner delivered to our fireside location as well... so we sat, ate, drank and enjoyed each others company well into the evening. The Smiths are great travelling buddies!
Before we retired for the evening Donna and I decided to have a quick dip in the outdoor jacuzzi. It was steaming hot, but probably felt even moreso because it was surrounded with snow. The hot water steamed an eerie vapour into the freezing night air, and the wonderful lighting of the outdoor area really set it off.

There was little to fault our stay at Beauvallon, in fact we were rather sad to leave it the next day. It was a wonderful little boutique hotel, and one that we would have loved to have stayed longer at. However, the ski hills of Mont Tremblant beckoned and we were off to the Village itself to stay in the ski resort itself, so we reluctantly waved goodbye to Beauvallon and headed further up the hill.

Now I'm just looking for an excuse to come back here sometime...

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