Whatever the Weather

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What is the deal with this weather? It's January 5 and we STILL haven't had any snow! Last winter was so mild.. all the locals kept telling me this was not a typical winter, just wait till next year. Well, this is now next year, and we are into January and the outside temp is sitting at 14 degrees! 14 degrees! I went for a run the other day in a pair of shorts for goodness sake! And people still question whether climate change is real or not...

Once it actually snows, I'm sure the novelty of shovelling driveways, sliding all over the road and freezing my ass off in -30 temperatures will wear off pretty quickly, but I still want to experience it. This current weather is just kind of a no-man's land - it's not summer but it's not really winter either.

Time to do a dance to the snow gods I think!

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