Bang Bang, You're Dead!

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I got a phone call tonight from Darrell asking if I'd like to go play a few games of paintball with the guys from work. I'd been asked out to dinner by Kim and Sean before they fly off to Mexico in the morning, but I'd never played paintball before so I rang Kim and politely excused myself from dinner.

I met the guys a little late, since the original instructions said the place was in Mississauga whereas it was in fact located in North York. After working my way across the 401 in the rain I eventually found the place, thanks to my trusty GPS.

I had a great time running around in the dark shooting people with paint pellets, but man oh man, do they hurt when they hit you! I still have welts and bruises on my arms, legs and hips from being struck by flying paintballs at high speed and/or close range.

After playing 5 or 6 games we eventually hauled our sorry bodies out of there down to the Shoeless Joes Sports Bar in Dufferin Street for a quick beer. All in all it was a good fun night out with the boys - Charlie, Darrell, Chris, Rob and Mike. Thanks for the invitation guys!

I wanted to take a few photos for the blog, but trying to shoot photos and people at the same time just wasn't working so I only got this one of Charlie, ready for battle, just before he got to taste a paint pellet. Good one mate!

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