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Hockey season has started again. You see hockey on every TV screen you look at, Don Cherry has a whole new wardrobe of silly suits, and still the Leafs haven't managed to win two games back to back yet. But hey, this is Canada, where hockey is a religion not a sport, so none of that really matters.

Yesterday afternoon, Alex, Kate and I were pleased to take up Dave-next-door's offer to go whack the ball around for a while. Street Hockey is really popular here amongst the kids, and you can see them out playing on the quiet residential roads wherever you go. It's good fun, just grab a hockey stick and a ball and a few mates and charge about trying to knock it into the goal, all the while listening for someone to yell "Carrrr!"

Unfortunately, we still haven't managed to see an actual hockey game yet though. The Leafs' games are very expensive if you can even get a ticket, so we are planning to go see a Farm Team play. (That's what Aussies would call Reserve Grade). We'll let you know how that goes.

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