End of an Era... again

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Primary, or Elementary schools as they are called here, differ from Australian schools in that they go from Kindergarten to Grade 8, rather than to Grade 6. This means the students stay longer in this environment than in any other during their formal education. As a result, graduating from Grade 8 is quite a big deal and Alex was lucky enough to be part of this Canadian milestone.

The day commenced with a Mass at Mary Mother of God Parish Church for Holy Family students as well as those from St Marguerite school. To give the students time to prepare for the evening celebrations, they were not required to go back to school after the morning mass so Alex and I snuck off to have lunch together and watch Brazil and Ghana on the big screen at the same time.

The evening festivities were held at the Le Dome Function Centre in Oakville, and consisted of an awards ceremony for the parents and then dinner and dancing for the students. Alex was asked by his teacher to be the Master of Ceremonies for the evening, and despite trying hard to get out of it, he did a sterling job. The Grade 8 girls looked stunning and in my opinion were dressed very age appropriately. Even the boys scrubbed up alright in their ties and jackets, looking far more grown up than I was ready for.

Whilst the students were enjoying their time alone, we celebrated over dinner at a Greek restaurant with the Liebregts Family, whose son Jon was also graduating. Alex will now begin high school after the summer, starting Grade 9 at Holy Trinity Catholic High School which gives him the added bonus of experiencing life at both elementary and secondary levels whilst here in Canada.

Congratulations to all the Grade 8 students on a job well done!

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