Six Degrees of Separation

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We've mentioned that we went to dinner a couple of times with Doug and Carmella, the parents of Melissa, a girl that Donna teaches with in Australia. Melissa's godparents apparently also live in Oakville, and so we had good intentions of catching up with them at some point.

Just to prove that there really are only six degrees of separation, here is an example of just how small the world really is...

Melissa's godparents' names are Gunnar and Leisel. Melissa had originally given Donna a piece of paper with their names and phone numbers, and Donna had it sitting next to the phone here in Oakville for ages but had not made the call to contact them. One day, when Kate's friend Laura was over at our house playing, she happened to see the note with Gunnar and Leisel's names written on it, so Laura turned to Donna and asked "Why do you have my neighbour's names written on a piece of paper?"

"What do you mean, your neighbours?" asked Donna.

"Gunnar and Leisel live directly across the street from us." Laura replied. It seems that the world really is a very small place.

Last night, we dropped into a Christmas "street party" at the Smiths (in Australia, when we have a Christmas street party, it's actually in the street, but then I suppose the temperature isn't zero degrees either). Anyway, we got to finally meet Gunnar and Leisel last night, as well as a number of other people who live in Kim and Sean's street.

I wonder what other connections would exist between us all if we delved into it far enough...

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