Camp Wyoka

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A few weeks before the summer holidays finished, I did a very Canadian thing and went to summer camp for a whole week. It was actually a camp run by the Canadian Girl Guides, so we had lots of great guiding activities, game and songs.

The first thing we did on Sunday when we arrived was to determine which swimming group we would be in. Red being shallow, green being intermediate and blue was for the advanced swimmers. I got put into the blue group. One of the first activities we did was rock climbing, which I thoroughly enjoyed. We had to climb a tall cement silo covered in coloured handholds and try to touch the bell at the top. The tower was about 2 stories tall and I managed to touch the bell twice!

My favourite part of the campsite was along the lakefront where we spent most of our days. We swam, played on the water trampoline, built things in the sand and went canoeing. One day we went on a canoe lunch where we canoed to the other side of the lake and had a picnic. The water was very clear, and even though the lake was mostly quite shallow, you could see the bottom even in the very deepest sections.

The tents we stayed in had a raised wooden platform for a floor. It was designed to keep the bugs out, but the bugs still got in! The mornings and night got very cold – down to 0 degrees – but the days were quite warm, around 25C.

On the final night we had a beach sleep, where we slept on the beach by the lake. It was surprisingly warm that night, with some people sleeping only in a T-shirt. The next day we packed our bags and caught the bus home to Mississauga where mum and dad picked me up.

There are a few more photos here.

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