Contributing Factors

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Observant people may have noticed that there are in fact FOUR possible contributors to this blog... Chris, Donna, Alex and Kate. Furthermore, the truly observant amongst you would have also noticed that out of these four possible contributors, there is only one who has actually contributed anything to this blog, and that's me.

This was never my intention of course. I set these other laggards up as contributing writers with the intention that we would all add our two-bobs worth to it. I'm sure there are many who would love to hear Donna's dazzling dialogs, Alex's amazing archives from Alex, or Kate's Krazy Kapers.

SO, might I suggest that you write to Donna, Alex and Kate, and tell them that you are sick of hearing from me. Just click on their names to send them an email and tell them its about time they made a contribution! :-)

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