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Another day spent wandering the big city. We took another tour bus downtown since we bought a 48 hour pass and it seemed the obvious way to travel, so we heard yet another tourguide explain everything to us as we went to Lower Manhattan... they all have their own spin on the city, and this morning's guide was really good.

After getting off the bus we cought the ferry across the harbour to Staten Island, mainly just to see the Statue of Liberty and the city from the water. After arriving in Staten Island we came back to Manhattan to explore some more. We checked out Wall Street and the NY Stock Exchange, then caught the subway to Chinatown were we had lunch. It was authentic chinese food, complete with cat's eyeballs on the menu. Blech! After that we walked over to Soho to do a little shopping, but the heat was getting quite unbearable... around 110 degrees Farenheit today, (or 43 Celsius for the rest of the world).

We also caught another subway train up to 42nd Street and across to Grand Central Station for a look at that, before walking a few blocks back to the hotel. Donna and Kate went shopping for a while, and Donna almost had her bag snatched but luckily she was awake to it as soon as she felt something, so fortunately nothing was taken although the zippers on her bag were all undone. "You really gotta watch it here in New York City" was the advice given to her by the woman in the shop who coincidentally was probably the very one trying to do the snatching. I wish I'd been there...

We are off to the Rockafeller Centre shortly to see NYC from above. We'll watch our wallets.

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