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I finally picked up a new power adapter for my laptop, so we're back in the blogosphere again. I rang the hotel in Sydney, Nova Scotia, and the nice lady there found my other adapter and is going to send it to me back in Oakville. I got the new charger at the Apple Store in Boston, but that's a whole other funny story. Oh well, I wanted a spare power adapter anyway and this just forced me to get one. I reckon laptop computers should always come with two power adapters anyway... one for home and one for work, so you don't have to climb around under your desk at work every morning trying to plug it in and then do the same every afternoon trying to unplug it. No extra charge for that tip.

Anyway, back to the blog!

PS, the guy in the Apple Store laughed when he saw my "I'm blogging this" T-shirt, and asked me to mention him in my blog... so, hi there Apple Store guy!

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