A Kash Transaction

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When we finalised our exchange with the Graces we knew we would be exchanging jobs and houses, but we were a little surprised to discover that Dave and Heidi had also offered us a chance to stay at their cottage as well. Like many of the Canadians we’ve met here, the Graces also own a cottage home on a lake. Unfortunately we weren’t quite able to make them a reciprocal swap since we don’t own a cottage back in Australia and I don’t think the offer of our camper trailer is quite the same thing.

Nonetheless, we got a message from Heidi’s dad, Dave S, offering us a weekend at the cottage, located on beautiful Lake Kashwakamak (or just Lake Kash to those in the know) about 45 minutes north of Belleville. As it turned out, the weekend being suggested worked out perfectly for us since I’d already committed to being in Calabogie that same weekend for a 4WD event that I wanted to attend, and the cottage just happened to be on the road to Calabogie.

So, the day school finished we picked up the kids from school, jumped into the previously packed car and battled our way through the Toronto first-day-of-summer-break traffic to make our way up to the Grace’s cottage.

Once we cleared the traffic (which really was horrendous), it was quite a pleasant drive into some very pretty countryside. Again, we were struck by the sheer number of lakes in the area, which just happens to be known as the Land O’Lakes. We followed Dave’s directions, finishing up along a very scenic gravel road and on to the cottage. What a top spot!

The Grace’s cottage is in a beautiful location, surrounded by Maples, White Birches and Pines. It has a view through a cleared area right onto the lake, and is really well appointed. When we first arrived at the Oakville house we were struck by Heidi’s excellent sense of interior decoration, and it was obvious that her design influence carried through to the cottage as well. (I’m sure Dave G had some input too!) ;-)

Dave S introduced us to his partner Ursula, and her friend Karen. Dave’s cottage is right next door to the Grace’s cottage. Dave was a wonderful host for the weekend, setting us up with all manner of watersports and activities. I was away for most of Saturday, so Dave and Ursula looked after Donna and the kids, helping get them set up with canoes and kayaks and even a sailboat. The kids spent most of the day in the water swimming and boating.

I was away at Calabogie for most of the day so I didn’t get a chance to do any of this, but I enjoyed spending Sunday at the cottage doing more of the same stuff. After a lazy and very relaxing few days, we said goodbye to Dave, Ursula, Karen and their friends Andy and Kate.

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at the Grace’s cottage. Thanks Dave and Heidi!

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