Driving the Miles

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A long day today. After a planned early start from Quebec City this morning, we finally got away around 11:00am. Today's drive took us along the southern shore of the St Lawrence river up to Riviere du Loup, where we turned south to travel through New Brunswick and on to Prince Edward Island.

New Brunswick is quite a pretty part of Canada although there seems to be not a lot going on here, at least not in the northen part. It's a very unspoilt part of the world. We stopped for a quick lunch at a rare Maccas along the way and then basically drove straight through to PEI. Roads in New Brunswick are excellent, and I'm assuming that most of them must be reasonably new since they look quite new and they aren't on the GPS mapset I'm using. I guess there's not much else that the New Brusnwick government needs to spend their money on... We sat on 120km/h pretty much the whole way (ah, I love cruise control!) and arrived at the Confederation Bridge and PEI around 9:00pm, making it a 10 hour drive.

It was dark by the time we arrived at the campground we will be calling home for the next few days, so we haven't seen much yet, and sorry, no photos today.

More PEI stories to come over the next few days though!

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