Sit, Beg, Rollover

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It’s getting closer now… we actually feel like we are getting somewhere today. Now that Christmas is over and the silly season is almost at an end we have started packing in earnest, packing the stuff we are leaving behind and dropping it into my mum’s house for storage, assembling piles of stuff according to Donna’s infamous Take/Leave/Pack/Chuck strategy. Bags are starting to get clothes put into them, the huge piles of paperwork have been whittled into a manageable pile of important papers we need to take, the airport hotel for our last night in Australia is booked, and we have started to see friends for the last time before we go. We even had time to go down to Cronulla beach for a late afternoon swim today, that’s how organised we are feeling. Haha!

We have been on the phone (and when I say phone, of course I mean Skype) to David and Heidi over the last few days, probably for a total of three hours. That sounds ridiculous I know, but I had to ask Dave about a few things, Donna spoke to Heidi about other stuff, and Charlee and Kate played 20 Questions and talked about school and other stuff. It’s so good being able to just click a button and say “Hey Dave, got a question for you…” Thanks to this excellent communication we have going, Donna got onto a website today (courtesy of Dave) where she could browse for teaching jobs online and she saw a few things that might be of interest. Although we still need to get some more details, it’s something that might just work out well. It’s a tutoring service looking for teachers, and there are a lot less hoops to jump through than trying to get approval to teach in the official School Board.

I PDFed Donna’s documentation to the Halton District School Board the other day so she could get approval to teach there and it came to 21 pages! What’s the bet they still need something else when we get there? In Australia, the form to fill out for teaching in a CEO school is only a page or 2, so I hope we get this all finalised ok when we get there. Donna doesn’t want to have to sit around waiting for approval to teach, she wants to get into it pretty quickly, mostly so she can meet people and not have to sit at home doing nothing. The tutoring job would be part time and might just suit quite well. We will have to see what pans out…Ah well, back to the packing, but at least the light is at the end of the tunnel and we don’t even think it’s an oncoming train anymore!

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