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I got an email the other week from Kimberley, a friend of the Graces in Oakville. She was asking if it would be ok if her daughter Laura and our daughter Kate started to correspond on email. These two girls might end up in the same classes next year, so she was thinking it would be good to get to know someone before we get here. I thought that was a wonderful idea, and so did Kate! Thanks Kimberley for making the first move!

Kate sent an email to Laura, and they exchanged a few notes. Kate then added Laura to her MSN buddy list, and they managed to catch each other live during the week, having a good chat about stuff.

Then last weekend I caught David online on Saturday morning, and we had a bit of a talk about a few things, but then Charlee and Kate got on MSN together and had a long chat. We quickly remembered that we both now have webcams, so on they went, and the two girls had a face to face talk for ages... (at least an hour) Kate found out about school, and what to wear and about each others bedrooms and what music they liked and so on. That was a great thing to see happening. I think it will be really good for the kids to get there in January, and know a couple of people and have their own idea of what to expect.

It was also good to see how effectively the webcam video chat actually works too, since we will probably use it a bit while we are away.

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